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"We fit in the dirt"- Mike & John


A fitting at Artisan Golf is a unique experience, part fitting and part lesson.  Our master fitters take the time to properly determine what clubs you need in your bag to be successful.  We examine all aspects of the club, head, shaft, and grip to ensure you have the best possible tool in your hands.  All fittings are conducted at Artisan HQ in Ft. Worth, TX.    

Our facility features a tour-level driving range, outdoor short game area, and putting green for realistic challenges.

Visiting Ft. Worth from out of town.  Click below for additional information and our recommendations on making your stay in Cowtown memorable.  

What to Expect

  • Where can I find your products in person?
    We pride ourselves on making each product to order for each of our players here at our Fort Worth, Texas facility. If you would like to schedule a wedge or putter fitting, you can book it by clicking GET FIT at the top of this page.
  • Must I come to Fort Worth, Texas to order a set of wedges?
    Our Team is very passionate and believe each player deserves the tour player experience as well as tour level results with our wedges. Currently, all domestic wedge orders require an in-person fitting which allows our players to experience how each of the sole grinds work with our master wedge fitter. It also allows our team to decide which one will benefit your short game the best.
  • Do I need an in person fitting to order irons?
    While we get the best results out of in person fittings, remote orders for domestic customers who have a very good understanding of their iron specs will be considered. Please email for more information and to begin a remote consultation with one of our iron specialists.
  • What are my options to order a putter remotely?
    We offer a variety of options to begin a remote putter order for prospective Artisan players. For those who want a quicker ship option with less customization we maintain a few putter models in our online store which can ship in less than two weeks to your specifications. Full custom putters are also available remotely by placing a deposit on one of our many "Deposit Only" putter models in our online store. Once we receive the order, a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a phone call with our team to take your full custom order and answer any questions you may have.
  • Do you offer Left-Handed product?
    Wedges - At this time, we do not offer Left-Handed wedges. Putters - Yes, we offer both Right and Left handed putters. Since we machine all our putters here in-house, we can make Left-Handed putters custom fit to the golfer. Irons - At this time, we do not offer Left-Handed irons.
  • Does the $300 Fitting fee go towards the order of my custom clubs?
    When you book one of our fittings, and an order is placed post fitting the following credits will be applied to the final invoice. -Putters: $100 -Wedges: $100 -Irons: $150
  • What does having a player number mean?
    Each club we make is identified with a serial number which includes your lifetime player number. This player number is tied to your build folder in our archives and tells us exactly what we have made for you. This makes reordering or modifying specs simple. We have learned how important the golf head and build specifications are to a player after decades of combined golf club building experience. Once specs are acquired by us, we file your build sheets away for future orders.
  • Can I visit your facility?
    We only allow visitors when you have a scheduled booking for a fitting or a follow-up. Artisan Golf is a private facility and we cannot accommodate walk-ins.
  • Do you offer any discounts or sponsorships?
    We do not offer sponsorship or discounts of any type to players at any level. As a small company of industry veterans, we have worked our entire careers establishing our reputation with the world's best golfers who understand the importance of what we offer.
  • Can I purchase heads only?
    The golf club is only as good as the quality of the build and we only trust ourselves to do it if it will bear the ARTISAN name. If we cannot get a specific build component you can ship it to us and we will give you a credit for the shaft or grip provided.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we have shipped our custom made products all over the globe. The increased shipping fees will be added to your invoice.
  • How can I reschedule or cancel my fitting?
    Fittings can be rescheduled at no cost by emailing and choosing a new available date with our team. If you wish to cancel an upcoming fitting instead of reschedule, email and we can refund you the fitting amount minus a $30 cancellation fee.
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