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Our irons are built to exact specifications with only the best materials to give the golfer confidence in every swing.  


Why Our Irons?

At Artisan Golf, we are thrilled to unveil our latest addition to the Artisan lineup - the Mike Taylor designed Artisan Irons. These exceptional irons represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance, designed by the renowned master clubmaker, Mike Taylor. Crafted with precision and engineered for ultimate playability, these irons are set to revolutionize your game.

Quality of Service

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Three Distinctive Designs for Every Player

The Mike Taylor Designed Artisan Irons are available in three distinct designs to suit a variety of player preferences and skill levels. Whether you prefer the classic look and precise feedback of the muscle back, the enhanced forgiveness and playability of the half-cavity, or the maximum forgiveness and launch of the full cavity, there's an Artisan Iron design that will perfectly complement your game.

Premium Materials and Uncompromising Quality

Artisan Golf is committed to using only the finest materials to create irons of unmatched quality. The Artisan Irons are forged from premium S20 carbon steel, renowned for its exceptional strength, feel, and durability. Every iron is meticulously machined to industry-leading specifications, ensuring precise weighting and consistency throughout the set.


Tailored to Your Preferences

At Artisan Golf, we understand that every golfer has unique needs and preferences.  Sets can be blended with any combination of the three heads allowing you to optimize your bag for your specific playing style. Additionally, we offer a wide array of premium shaft options to further tailor your set to your swing characteristics and performance goals.

Masterful Assembly by Artisan Club Builders

Every set of Artisan Irons is meticulously assembled at Artisan HQ by our team of master club builders. With unwavering attention to detail and decades of expertise, our craftsmen ensure that each iron is precisely fitted and perfectly aligned. The result is a set of irons that performs flawlessly and exudes the quality and craftsmanship that Artisan Golf is renowned for.

Club Details

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  • Irons start at $360 per club

  • Premium shaft, grip, and ferrule upgrades available

  • Personalized set makeup using any head combination


Exclusive Opportunity for Current Artisan Customers

As a testament to our commitment to our loyal customers, we are extending an exclusive opportunity to order the irons to current Artisan customers based on their player numbers. We greatly value our customer relationships and want to ensure they can be among the first to experience these remarkable irons. For those eagerly awaiting their turn, we anticipate making Artisan irons available to the general public in early 2024.


Interesed in Irons?

Please input your contact information if you are interested in receiving more information about Artisan Irons.

We anticipate offering Artisan Irons to new customers in early 2024.

Thank you for your interest!!

View Our Work

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Book Your Fitting Session Today

The first step to putting Artisan irons in your bag is a fitting session with our master fitters. Visit our GET FIT portal on our website to book your fitting and experience the transformative power of a perfectly fitted irons. Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring that your wedges are tailored to your swing and playing style.

*Please note that at this time, we only offer right-handed irons. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to left-handed golfers and hope to expand our offerings in the future.

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